Transport Route Management

A school requires a special transportation department to manage the proper the working of the transportation service. The department needs to take care of all the best possible routes to run the school vehicles on them. They also need to carry fleet management i.e. maintain the details of all the school vehicles, and related documents, details of related staff members etc which requires proper management. Also proper planning is required for preparing best routes taking of all major places in mind and allocate proper vehicles to route keeping in mind allocated number of students for that route. All this tasks may seen to be very complicated and slight mismanagement may lead downfall of the whole transport department.
  • You can easily manage the transportation services with less staff and in short time with our software.
  • You can set up different Bus-Stops with Google Maps and set up their pick-up and drop timings for different shifts.
  • You can easily plan different routes by allocating different defined bus-stops in the path. The whole view of the route can be seen and analyzed by Google Maps.
  • You can maintain all vehicle details and allocate different vehicles on different routes for different shifts as per necessity. Thus the whole transportation fleet can be managed.