Student Management

The class teachers have a very tiresome and monotonous task of preparing Student GR Register for their class every month. They need to take a great care to maintain correct details in the GR Register. Also get information about a particular student from name or GR No is time consuming. It is difficult to get the details of freezed students. (School Left). Allocating Roll No. to all the students is a very long process and allocating again new roll nos. after coming of new students or leaving of other students is a repetitive job consuming much time and effort. Certificate Generation is also a time consuming job for the school staff. Thus the student has to wait for a long time to get the desired certificate. Also, preparation of ID – Cards for Students require much time and basic preparations and also the data needs to be properly checked to get rid of wrong details. Managing the work of attendance on daily basis becomes a tough and resource consuming job. Also maintaining perfect and accurate attendance report on daily basis is tough job. You also need to maintain different attendance registers for Lunch, Snacks, and Day Boarding and manage them accurately.
  • Our Software automatically fetches the student details from the accepted Student Admissions and allocates them GR No. sequentially, thus reducing data entry.
  • You can easily get the details of a particular student from GR Register using name/GR No Search. You can get list of students as per specific search for a particular class, standard, stream and medium and school.
  • The next feature will seem great to you. You can automatically allocate Roll No. to the students of all the classes by “Firstnamewise” or by “LastNameWise”. You can also update the roll no of students of all the classes once allocated incase of new admissions or so in sequential manner.
  • Certificate Generation is a task of few seconds for our software. You can generate all the basic student certificates easily and accurately without much intervention. You can also store all the generated certificates, incase student asks for a copy in future.
  • Student ID- Card Generation is also a much quick task for our software. You can automatically generate ID – Cards for students of all classes without any further data entry and cross – verification.
  • Student GR Register Report designed according to CBSE/GSEB standards. So you can directly send the GR Register Report to the Central/State Education Board as per the government rules and regulations.
  • Student Promotion module allows to promote students of a particular grade to higher grade and automatically updates their GR Register with the new details.
  • Manage all different types of attendances like Day Boarding, Lunch, and Snacks according to the student enrollments from one place.
  • Presence for Public Holidays and Vacations are automatically filled in the Student Attendance. Thus you don’t need any special efforts in marking presence for holidays.
The student management is used to manage the complete student details from point of admission to leaving of school with leaving certificate. The following are sub modules used for management of student.

Student Inquiry

  • It allows you to store the student inquiries coming up at the reception desk and have a proper follow up for the same.
  • Facility for exporting and importing details for quick and easy access.
  • Mark the success / failure of inquiry.

Student Certificate Management

  • Create student certificates with prefilled student details making the certificate creation easy and accurate process.
  • Print the student certificates in the predefined templates eliminating the formatting of printing every time.
  • Create Bonafied Certificate, Migration Certificate, Transfer Certificate with clicks.

Student Roll No Allocation

  • Allocate Roll no to all students of a class room by name or surname with few clicks.
  • Facility to bulk allocate roll no to all students in school in a academic year with a single click.

Student Attendance

  • Provides facility to quickly add and manage attendance of Student
  • Attendance for a day, week or a selected day range can be accessed and updated with ease using the software.
  • Facility to import and export bulk attendance register for a full class or all Students.
  • Marking of Attendance is less error prone due to structured design of the system.

Student GR Register

  • Add, Edit, View the student details to the school GR register.
  • Store Student’s Personal Detail, Parent Detail, Other Details, Upload Photo and documents.
  • Freeze and unfreeze students with a single click.
  • A detailed in-depth search tool to find students details quickly.

Student ID Card

  • Provides Facility to print Id card of students class wise as per the preformated ID card templates along with student photographs.