Student Desk

Student Desk – List of Modules :

The Student Desk is the section for students & parents to view the current profile and studies of their children. The student can view all the upcoming notices, notifications and upoming birthdays of fellow students. The complete personal profile of the students is displayed in students end. The Fees history is also viewed and printed from the student’s desk. The complete academic details of students current and past standards is displayed. The student can view the academic year calendar displaying all school information for the current academic year. The School bus provides the google map view of the routes with bus stands and route details. The student can view his own route as well as search other routes.
  • Notice Board
  • Notification
  • Upcoming Birthdays
  • Thought of the day
  • Student Details
    • Personal Details
    • Family Details
    • Academic Details
    • Fees History
  • Academics
    • Time Table
    • Attendance
    • Exam Result
    • Library
    • Exam Schedule
    • Syllabus Details
    • Student Performance
    • Student Diary
  • Extracurricular Activites
  • Academic Calendar
  • Notification
  • School Bus