Staff Management

The school staff persons are the most primary resource for the school. The HR persons need to maintain proper records of the school staff persons. The HR persons have to keep a record of the salaries of each staff member and after every month they need generate payroll (payslip for each staff members) counting their salaries based on their attendance and leaves for that month. Also need to accurately manage the attendance and leave account of each staff member. They also need to create staff certificates like offer of appointment, job confirmation etc for the staff members.
  • You can easily manage all the staff details, salary structure for all staff member and leaves allocated to them.
  • You can generate various staff certificates like Probation Extension, Offer of appointment etc using the software very quickly.
  • Our leave management system allows the staff persons to file for leaves(Full leave/half leave), the concerned head can approve/reject his leave and the whole leave account of a particular staff member can be managed.
  • The best feature of the staff details is that at first you can define salary structure for all the different staff designations and then change the salary amount of the different staff persons as per their promotion/demotion.
  • Attendance offers wonderful functionalities. The Staff Attendance is automatically updated as per the leaves of the staff. Thus you need not to multiple time entries in the software.
  • The Payroll module allows you to generate pay-slips for all the staff members of the school calculating their salary based on attendance & leaves out of the total working days of the month. You can also enter PF details, overtime pays, other incentives and deductions as per the school.
  • You can generate different staff reports like Staff Attendance, Bank Statements, Salary Bill, Staff Leave Account etc which can help the HR in better administration.

Staff Details Management

  • Add, edit and manage the complete details of the school staff members.
  • Create Basic, Login, Educational profile of staff.
  • Manage the salary structure along with leaves of staff.
  • Freeze staff login & details on leaving jobs.
  • Bulk updation of leaves of staff.

Leave Request Management

  • Add, Edit and manage the leave request of staff members.
  • Facility to apply for half day leaves.
  • Leave encashment facility in case surplus leaves have to be converted to earnings.

Leave Approve Management

  • Accept / Reject providing reason for approval / rejection of leaves.
  • Direct integration of leave approval with attendance management by marking “L” leave in attendance on approval.

Leave Accounts Management

  • Display the current entitled leaves, availed leaves and balance leaves.

Staff Attendance

  • Provides facility to quickly add and manage attendance of staff
  • Attendance for a day, week or a selected day range can be accessed and updated with ease using the software.
  • Facility to import and export bulk attendance register for a full class or all staff member.
  • Marking of Attendance is less error prone due to structured design of the system.

Staff Certificate

  • Create & Print certificates of staff for the predefined template with just clicks.
  • Facility to create – Probation, Job Confirmation, Offer of Appointment on Probation.


  • Generate payroll of staff with ease along with automated calculation of working days, leave days and leave without pay days.
  • Auto calculation of Basic Pay, Grade Pay, HRA, Medical Allowance, CLA, DA, Dearness Pay, F.P. Increment, Cash Allowance, PF Contribution, Professional Tax.
  • Generate current leave and loan status automatically with generation of payroll.
  • Print single and bulk copies of payroll receipts.
  • Facility to bulk import / export payroll of staff.