Library Management

School Library has a lot of resources to be managed like books, magazines, reference books, CDs etc which need to be managed properly and efficiently. If it is not maintained properly no person many be able to get advantage of the library facility. Maintaining a list of school library resources is a tough job and any further development in the library requires a great study of the existing items. The manual procedure of issuing books requires a lot of time, effort and paperwork to be done. Manually getting details about any section, category or book is very tough job. The task of issuing and returning a book requires proper and constant staff attention or else the library resources might get deteriorated soon. Thus proper management of the library resource is required for better functioning of library.
  • You can set your custom library configuration for the school defining different fields like fine per day, max renewal, issue period, max reservation and due date reminders as per your library regulations.
  • You can manage item types, subjects, categories, codes and sections as per your library.
  • You can maintain details of all the library items. You can specify each minute detail about the item along with its cost and quantity.
  • You can quickly issue, renew, reserve or return books for student or staff very easily.
  • Our software supports automatic fine calculation for late-return of the book and also generates fine receipts on payment for the same.
  • You can get the necessary extensive reports of library like current stock summary, fine report, library item etc. which will help you in knowing about current library items and their statuses, better management and help you in taking decisions for further development.
The library management section is used to manage the functioning of the library in school. The module provides library functions like – issue, renew, reserve, collect fine. The system is designed to make the functioning of library quick, accurate, errorless. The following are features of library management.
Search students account and their current no of book issued and fine amount.
  • View the current book issued details with issue and renewal dates.
  • Manage library functionalities like issue, renew and reserve with ease.
  • Search Books and isssue the books after checking students status on max no of issues.
  • Renew books with just clicks.
  • Auto calculation of issue period on basis of academic calendar and holidays.
  • Facility to reserve books not available currently for issuing.
  • Collect fine from students when not needed.