Fixed Asset Management

Asset Management keeps a check on all the assets located in the school campus. The main aim of the module is to maintain a record of the purchase and allocation of the assets in the campus. The system helps in keeping the track of the current location and count of asset. It manages the insurances of the all assets. The sales section in the system manages the sales of the outdated asset with the working of the depreciation and loss/ profit on sales. The following are submodule under asset management.


  • Asset Group : It groups the asset under one group / category.
  • Product : It defines the list of all types of asset possible.
  • Supplier : It defines the list of all supplier supplying products to organization
  • Insurance : It defines the list of all insurance companies whose policy have been taken.


Asset Purchase
Manages all the purchases done for the current assets. Manages the stock no / serialization and allocating location to the assets.
Asset Insurance
Manages the storage of policies taken for the assets.
Asset Sales
Manages the sales of assets along with calculating the salesprice of assets with the depreciation and profit /loss due the transaction. Helps to maintain the stock of the current asset.