Exam Management

Schedule Exam

  • Create and manage the exam schedules.
  • Manage the subjects, timing, grades,min,max marks,time duration and the dates on which the exam for the subject are to be scheduled.
  • Facility to clone the schedule exam for a particular standard among other standards.
  • Manage the seating arrangements, invigilation duties, paper reading and reliver duties for different exams.
  • The system provides a accurate and automate procedure for scheduling of exam.
  • Prepare Data Entry based , Formula Based and Formula + Data Entry Based Mark Calculation Model for different exam.

Exam Result

  • Facility to select subjects of the exam and enter marks obtained by student.
  • Facility to add up grace marks for each student for each and every subjects.
  • Auto calculation of Rank and Grades of the student as per the grading model selected at Scheduling of Exam.
  • Provides 100 % Correct and Accurate result with any misplace or mistakes quickly.
  • Autocalculation of marks for Formula Based Exam Model leads to saving of lot of administrative and teaching staffs time.

Student Promotion

  • Promote students to the next standard / division for the upcoming academic year on result of final exams.
  • Facility to demote students to the same standard division next year.
  • Facility to promotes all the students of a class to next class in the upcoming academic year saving lot of time of staff.