Accounts Management

The Account module servers the accounting needs of the school. The module provide a full fledge accounting software facility.Following are submodules incorporated in the accounting section.


It stores the basic information related to accounting transactions.
Group : It is a collection of same types of ledger. It is maintained to determine the hierarchy of ledger account by filling following fields.
Ledger : It is an actual account head to which you identify a transaction and it must be used in accounting voucher
Stock Groups : It classified the stock items. It can group stock items under different stock groups to reflect their classification based on common features.
Stock Item : It is a primary inventory entity.
Unit of Measurement : It stores the different types of measurement units that are required during the transactions of purchase with following fields.


It manages all the transactions related to accounting purpose of school.
Contra : It manages transactions related to bank to bank and cash to bank with current balance.
Journal : It manages the expense related transactions.
Payment : It manages the transactions related to payment by school.
Receipt : It manages the transactions


It generates report as per requirement with graphical manner.
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledger Details
  • Group Summary
  • Cash / Bank Book
  • Profit and Loss
  • Day Book
  • Ledger

Change Company

It is used for changing the company and its details during or at the end of year(academic year).